Robert Lupo speaks to over 600 attendees of the Fix My Streets Town Hall meeting in Lakeview on July 22nd, 2014

Robert Lupo speaks to over 600 attendees of the Fix My Streets Town Hall meeting in Lakeview on July 22nd, 2014

In early May 2014, after countless years of being fed up over New Orleans' street conditions, developer and Lakeview resident, Robert Lupo decided to take matters into his own hands.

Lupo printed 100 bright red yard signs with the phrase, "Fix My Streets, I Pay My Taxes" on them. At that month's Lakeview Civic Improvement Association meeting, Robert passed them out to anyone who wanted one.

They disappeared within minutes.

A few weeks later, WWLTV reporter Bill Capo did a news story about these bold red yard signs that were popping up all over the Orleans Parish neighborhood of Lakeview. Shortly after that story aired, the official Fix My Streets (FMS) campaign kicked off with a website and social media pages (facebook, twitter, instagram) spreading the word.

Almost instantly, citizens of neighborhoods all over New Orleans (not just Lakeview) started sharing the story of their streets. These citizens, fed up over elected city officials constantly pushing the issue aside, began asking for more bright red FMS yard signs.

Fast forward just a few short months, and the Fix My Streets campaign has grown exponentially... thanks to you.

As the FMS movement continues to get more organized, we ask you to join our quest to get New Orleans' elected leaders developing an official (and transparent) organized plan of attack. 

As of December 2015, Mayor Landrieu officially announced the city's "Fix My Streets Financing Working Group. This group, made up of Fix My Streets board members, and a brain trust of engaged citizens, is tasked with finding a way to secure billions of dollars in funding. The goal, creating a plan that will finally fix every interior street in New Orleans, the right way.

From yard signs & Facebook posts, to officially working with the city. leaders are listening to you because of your help spreading the word about #FixMyStreets.

Even though we are making significant progress, there is a long road ahead. Our goal, as a non-profit group that is a separate entity from the city, is to hold leaders accountable for creating, implementing, and completing plans to fix our streets. 

We the citizens and elected leaders of New Orleans, must work together to #fixmystreets.

Thank you for joining our crusade.


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