Photo by Taj Chauvin

Photo by Taj Chauvin

How to help fix the streets of New Orleans


1. Share a Pothole Pic on Social Media

1. Take a pic or video of a pothole in your neighborhood.

2. Post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram TODAY.

3. Use the hashtag, #FixMyStreets

Why? We want to show the rest of the country that New Orleans has the worst streets in the U.S. Also, we want city leaders to see that citizens want a long term fix. Hopefully, by starting a national conversation about street repair, we can get other cities to share ideas on how to fix streets the right way!


2. Call/Email 311 to Report Dat Pothole


The city of New Orleans wants us to report potholes by calling 311.

Use #FixMyStreets as an excuse to report that problem pothole in your New Orleans' neighborhood AGAIN.


You can also e-mail the picture of your pothole to 311@NOLA.GOV

Subject: New Case - Street Address of Pothole or Street Issue
Attach: Picture of Pothole or Street Issue
Body: Give Name, Address of Pothole or Street Issue, A description of the issue and how it affects you.