At 7:35pm on Thursday, December 18th, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu tweeted the following:

"2014: We funded $47M in street repairs & filled 25K potholes. We heard you @FixMyStreets - with more to come in 2015"

The Mayor also included this picture:

Fix My Streets Board Member, Eric Songy and his two grandchildren in the Bocage neighborhood of Algiers.

Fix My Streets Board Member, Eric Songy and his two grandchildren in the Bocage neighborhood of Algiers.

Fix My Streets (FMS) board member Eric Songy took a plate of brownies (for real), and a few pics of the road work progress in his neighborhood to Mayor Landrieu's office. Moved by the nice gesture by Eric and his two grandchildren, Mayor Landrieu sent that tweet.

BROWNIES!?  Why we didn't think of this 6 months ago!?

When we launched Fix My Streets (FMS) in May of 2014, we were thinking about yard signs. Now, after a long year of your constant social media + grass roots action, we've become an organization that has the support of thousands. Because of your efforts, we are also an organization that has the support of city leaders.

Does this tweet solve all of the street issue problems in New Orleans?

Not even close.

What it does do, is solidify the fact that your action has gotten an official reaction. Mayor Mitch Landrieu and city leaders have heard how upset New Orleans citizens are over the condition of our streets. They are finally beginning to take action, when for so many years, the issue was being kicked down the road for future generations to deal with.

What will 2015 mean for Fix My Streets?

In early January, the New Orleans Department of Public Works will host a meeting to talk about repairs being made in Lakeview with FEMA funding. Fix My Streets will make sure to spread the word on these repairs as soon as possible. Shortly after this DPW meeting, FMS will hold a group session for neighborhood leaders and those interested in joining our organization as volunteers. 

We will continue to update on our progress through this website and our social media.

Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. One tweet doesn't fix our streets, but it shows progress. With your help, we pledge to keep the city on task. 

Thanks for being part of Fix My Streets. 

Happy holidays.

Jeff Januszek

Communications/Social Media Director - Fix My Streets New Orleans