New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board Executive Director Cedric Grant speaks to the Fix My Streets crowd in the West Bank YMCA.

New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board Executive Director Cedric Grant speaks to the Fix My Streets crowd in the West Bank YMCA.

Thanks to everyone who attended the #fixmystreets town hall meeting at the West Bank YMCA in Federal City, Algiers last night.

Also, many thanks to Bocage President Eric Songy for helping to organize the meeting. It couldn't have happened without Eric's hard work.

The people of Algiers showed up in force to listen to what Sewerage and Water Board Executive Director Cedric Grant, Public Works director Mark Jernigan, and other New Orleans city officials had to say.

Their message boiled down to this, they have contracted a survey company that works like Google Map trucks, to officially document every inch of New Orleans streets. The rest of the presentation was something we've seen before, slideshows featuring science behind street repair and big numbers regarding cost.

The Algiers residents in attendance last night weren't the happiest folks. Many feel that when it comes to city matters, they are usually last on the list to be thought of. In regards to street repairs, they have some of the worst streets in Orleans parish and many of them have been that way for a long, long time. You could feel the frustration in the gymnasium last night.

While last night's meeting didn't result in any fixed streets, it did show the city leaders that the citizens of New Orleans are not letting this issue go.

A few months ago, the city wasn't even responding to the Fix My Streets campaign, let alone attempting to create a plan. Yes, we have a LONG way to go, but they are starting to do something.

Is it the right "something"?
We don't know yet.

How will we pay for this?
We don't know yet.

Will the streets ever get fixed properly?
We don't know yet.

Here's what we DO know... because of the swell of support from people like you, this movement has gotten the city of New Orleans to start working on a long term solution.

As you continue to join our ranks, we will continue, as a group, to put public pressure on the city to keep things moving. Look, if we're going to get anything done, we have to work with them. By continually making your stories of nasty New Orleans streets public through yard signs, social media, and this grassroots movement, we will remind the city that this problem will not be forgotten.

If you'd like to volunteer to join the Fix My Streets campaign, and help us to further organize our efforts and evolve into a New Orleans force for change, please email

We will not rest until the streets of New Orleans are properly fixed for future generations. We thank you for helping us to keep the wheels turning.


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